Autonomous Car Tech Can Help Drivers See Motorcyclists On The Road

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 54 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents involve collisions with other vehicles—which most of the time are at fault. Perhaps that’s because traditionally, avoiding motorcyclists has been done old-school, requiring drivers to take care and watch out—a seeming rarity on today’s roads. Fortunately, though, drivers now have help available, as carmakers are beginning to embed automated accident-avoidance technology into their vehicles.

Typically, cameras and sensors connect with ECUs, annunciators, and actuators to automatically scan for collision threats, warn the driver, and even initiate steering or braking actions to avert unwanted contact…such as with you and your Fat Boy. This is welcome progress for motorcyclists because with our sobering 29-times greater fatality risk compared to car drivers, we need every advantage.

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